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news”? Adrienne Bankert. How excited everybody is. I think everybody is ready for the weekend for sure. We begin with some really inspiring news. Who doesn’t love Alex trebek? He’s back on the job and thanking fans for their well wishes. The “Jeopardy” host says he’s received hundreds of thousands of notes since announcing his battle with pancreatic cancer. He says he has read them all and he is grateful. Here’s what he told fans. I thank you for your good wishes, your advice and your prayers and I was really touched by the warmth of your words. I’m a lucky guy. Oh, yes, you are. You are not alone, Alex trebek. He says former contestants have reached out including Watson the IBM computer who sent him a get well card. We are standing with you. Our love to Alex trebek. Now we have some news from across the pond, the breakup of the royal fab four, Meghan and prince Harry have officially split the royal household from prince William and Kate breaking up their joint court at kensington palace and creating two separate offices. The plan has been in the works for several months now and allows Harry and Meghan to move on to their official residence at frogmore cottage as they start their family. They are ready to set out on their own path building on their own interests and chairs. Royal observers say it’s a natural evolution but all the same they will keep their royal foundation, Marley the work, the groundbreaking work on mental health. Not that there is a breakup, they’re just splitting out because doesn’t that sound desire? They’ll just identify themselves with their own charities. Went from a palace to a cottage. A cottage. I think it has like 16 bedrooms. Hard knock life for a royal. Finally a pup that’s trying to do his best in the competition of livment you might remember kratu who competed in Birmingham, England and went rogue and decided to do his own thing. Back at it again saying hi to the judges, yeah. He just decided no the to do his first jump, just skip that. Doesn’t really follow the rules at all. Went straight to the tunnel. He just wanted to hang out in the tunnel. Kratu did not get best in show did you before won our hearts. He’s just thinking the tunnel is cool. Yeah. You got to love the guy, though? You know, I think we’re all kratu on a Friday. Yes, his dog owner describes him as a natural clown and quite naughty but he just happens to be a — pretty bad at agility Our cover story, back to

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Source: https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Culture/video/pop–61707719

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